Cyril Burguriere

Q and A with Cyril

Favorite place? Oregon

 Were did you grow up and what was it like? I grew up an expatriate kid, following my parents’ job assignments every two years throughout Europe and Africa. I was exposed to many cultures and different views and customs. About 8 years of my childhood were spent in the Netherlands. I spent most summers in France visiting my father. I first moved to the United States, Montana, mid-way through high school, met my wife and stayed there through my college years, at which point I married her.

What do you like about your life today? I like that I live in a place where I can paddle, ski and kite 365 days a year. I like that I work in renewable energy. I like that I get to SUP commute to work everyday. I like that I have a very supportive and healthy family. I like that my daughters are skiing and paddling at a very young age. Life is good!

 What is the most lovely thing you have ever seen? My daughters come into this world.

 If I were to go into your refrigerator right now, what would I find? Whatever my wife plans to cook for the week – usually healthy. Three different kinds of milk (I drink Soy). No beer (although I like a Northwest IPA once in a while).

 How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Driven, happy, driven

 What do you like to wear when you go to work? I SUP commute to work, so usually wear a wetsuit or board shorts on my way to the office, before changing to business casual (in the phone booth J).  See the video below about Cyril's SUP Commute!

 Would you rather be able to fly or to breathe under water? Fly

 How did you get started in Paddlesports? I first put a paddle in my hands in May 2010 through my local shop, Gorge Performance. I raced the next day for the first time.

 Scariest paddling experience?  Losing control of my SUP surfboard in big waves amongst prone surfers. Nobody got hurt, but I could have hurt somebody and shouldn’t have put myself in that situation.

SUP Commute with Cyril Burguiere from Boardworks Surf on Vimeo.

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