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What's Your SUP?

Premium Surf

If your passion is carving turns on glassy hollow waves, then surfing is your category. Surf paddles are designed to absorb the wipe-outs and stresses associated with surfing. Surf paddles excel in maneuvering type strokes.

Premium Race

If you are a hardcore racer, or someone who is striving for the ultimate in performance, then racing is your category. Race paddles are ultra-light, stiff and geared toward expert level paddlers.

Premium All Around

If you are a paddler that doesn't want to be pigeon holed as a surfer or a racer but enjoy all aspects of SUP, and want a high quality all carbon paddle, Premium All-Around is the category for you.

Performance All Around

Paddles in the Performance All-Around category do not compromise on quality or durability and perform with the best.

Recreation All Around

If durability, low maintenance, and value are your priority, then Recreation All Around is your category.  Recreation All Around paddles are designed to be versatile in their use.


If bouncing between the rocks on your favorite river is what gets you excited, then Whitewater is your category. Whitewater paddles are designed for impact and strength.

Paddle Bags and Covers

Protect your investment with a KIALOA blade cover or full cover bag. Each bag is designed specifically with the SUP paddler in mind with features like a pocket for your fins, inside pockets to protect your blade, heat and UV protection, etc.